Improving your end of life care

End of life care is support for people who are in their last phase of life.  This includes their last six to twelve months, as well as their last few days or weeks of life.

End of life care helps people to live as well as possible until they die, and to die with dignity. It also includes support for their family or carers.

North Somerset Community Partnership (NCP) provides information about end of life care services, as well as advice and information for patients, carers and professionals.

North Somerset Community Partnership

How we are improving end of life care

  • We have set out in contracts what community staff should carry out daily with patients and their carers
  • We have a clear way of monitoring if our contracts are carried out fully
  • We have a contract with the cancer charity Marie Curie to provide a respite sitting service for patients and their families
  • We have ensured that quality standards are included North Somerset Council’s contract with care homes
  • We work collaboratively with the local hospices aligning our services to ensure the delivery of quality care.

For more information contact Ruth Gazzane at 

At North Somerset Community Partnership (NSCP) we’ve been working with our partners to make sure you can talk about death and are aware of services and choices when it comes to end of life care. 

Cover for End of Life Care planning

End of Life Care planning

This booklet provides a simple explanation about advance care planning and the different options open to you.