NHS continuing healthcare and NHS-funded nursing care

NHS continuing healthcare (CHC) and NHS-Funded Nursing Care (FNC) are funding schemes available for people with substantial on-going care needs. Here you can find out more about the schemes, who is eligible and how to arrange an assessment.

What is NHS continuing healthcare (CHC)?

NHS continuing healthcare (CHC) is the name given to a package of care which is arranged and funded solely by the NHS for individuals outside of hospital who have on-going healthcare needs.

Individuals can receive NHS continuing healthcare (CHC) in any setting, including a person’s own home or a care home. If someone in a care home is eligible for NHS continuing healthcare, the funding covers care home fees and personal and healthcare costs.

CHC is free, unlike support provided by local authorities where a financial charge may be made depending on a person’s income and savings.

What is NHS continuing healthcare?

Who is NHS continuing healthcare for?

CHC is for people over 18 years of age who have been assessed as having ‘primary care needs’. They will have complex medical conditions and need substantial on-going care.

These needs are not dependent on a particular disease, diagnosis or condition, or on who provides the care or where that care is provided.

To be eligible, the person you care for must be assessed by a specialist team according to the Department of Health’s national framework. They will qualify for CHC funding if they meet the framework’s criteria (see below).

If they do not qualify for CHC, they may be eligible for care services from North Somerset Council, which are usually means-tested, or for a joint-care package from the NHS and the council.

If the person you care for is in a registered nursing home, and they do not qualify for CHC, they may be eligible for NHS-Funded Nursing Care.

What is NHS-Funded Nursing Care (FNC)?

When the person you care for moves into a nursing home (a care home with registered nurses), they should automatically be assessed for NHS-funded nursing care. If not, you can request an assessment.

If they are assessed as requiring the services of a registered nurse (i.e. eligible for FNC), it means the NHS pays a contribution towards their nursing care fees, paid direct to the care home.

This assessment is done by a specialist team in accordance with the Department of Health’s national framework (see Local assessments for FNC below).

What is NHS-funded nursing care?

Local assessments for CHC and FNC

We commission North Somerset Community Partnership (NSCP) to assess eligibility for NHS-funded care.

All assessments are in compliance with The National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-Funded Nursing Care.

To find out more about Funded Healthcare Team and the process, call 01275 546818.

If you have issues or concerns with your health or social care services, you can contact an independent advocacy service to help resolve these:

SEAP Advocacy

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