Drugs and alcohol

We work in partnership with North Somerset Council and other organisations to protect people from the damaging health effects of drug and alcohol misuse.

You’ll find links below to websites that explain the effects of drinking too much, and where to find local and online support.

You’ll also find information and advice on drug addiction and misuse, and where to find specialist help.


For many of us, having a drink can be fun and relaxing, if done within recommended limits. But drinking too much and too often can cause health problems and affect our family, work and social life, even if we don’t feel addicted.

Drinking over the recommended limits will increase your risk of:

  • being overweight
  • poor sleep
  • developing high blood pressure or having a stroke
  • liver disease
  • getting into arguments or being assaulted
  • developing several types of cancer, over the longer term
  • mental health problems
  • developing diabetes
  • (if you’re pregnant) damaging your unborn child
  • putting your children and people you love at risk

If you’re pregnant, you should try to avoid drinking altogether.

Drug addiction and misuse

If you or someone you know has a drug problem, you should seek help straight away.

NHS Choices and Talk to Frank have lots of advice on drugs and their effects, how to talk to others – such as your child or a teenager – about drugs, and where to find immediate help.

Read advice and information

Where to find local help

If you’re worried about your own drinking habits, or those of someone close to you, find local support services at North Somerset Council for tackling the problems caused by drug and alcohol misuse.

North Somerset Council

You can also talk to your GP, especially if you’re pregnant or trying to conceive.

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