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We've launched our new smartphone app designed to help residents in North Somerset find their nearest and most appropriate health service.

You can download the North Somerset Service Finder app for android phones from Google Play.

If you have an iPhone, from the iPhone app store or iTunes, using search term ‘North Somerset’ or ‘North Somerset service finder’.

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Quickly find a local service

This device will enable North Somerset residents to quickly locate and contact nearby GP practices, pharmacies, minor injury units, hospitals and A&E departments or call NHS 111 for anytime free medical advice.

You can also store notes and set up alerts for appointments.

Health services

Easy to use

The easy-to-use app, which uses GPS mapping, encourages people to seek healthcare help and advice from the most appropriate source.

It encourages residents to choose the right health service when they are injured or feeling unwell, allowing busy services like A&E to treat people who need them most.

You can pinpoint the precise location of the GP surgery, pharmacy or minor injuries unit nearest to them together with essential telephone contact information.

Knowing where to go for treatment

It is really important that people know exactly where to go for the right treatment.

A&E departments are extremely busy, and people coming to them with a minor injury and illness may have to face longer waits.

More and more people are using apps to find local services, so this seemed a great way to support campaign to persuade people to seek help from their pharmacist or GP.

The app will help many North Somerset residents find out what is the best service for their condition, and also help them find it.

That could be a minor injury unit or pharmacy, or even a call to NHS 111, before A&E.

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