Joint Commissioning Committee (JCC)

On 1 April 2015, NHS England and North Somerset CCG established a joint committee with the primary purpose of jointly commissioning primary medical services for the people of North Somerset.

Responsibilities include:

  • GMS, PMS and APMS contracts (including the design of PMS and APMS contracts, monitoring of contracts, involvement in contractual action such as issuing branch/remedial notices, and removing a contract)
  • Newly designed enhanced services (“Local Enhanced Services” and “Directed Enhanced Services”)
  • Design of local incentive schemes as an alternative to the Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF)
  • Management of financial resources
  • Decision making on when to bring in new providers, managing procurements and whether to establish new GP practices in an area
  • Approving practice mergers
  • Making decisions on ‘discretionary’ payment (e.g., returner/retainer schemes and premises reimbursements)
  • Estates development
  • Alignment of pharmacy services with CCG objectives
  • Design of enhanced optometry services

JCC meetings

The JCC meets quarterly, and you are welcome to attend these meetings and ask questions. We publish the agenda, minutes and papers for each Joint Commissioning Committee meeting online in advance of the meeting.

Attending a Meeting

JCC meeting papers

JCC meeting dates

JCC members

The JCC has voting and non-voting members and includes representatives from NHS England and the CCG as well as other external members.

Voting members 

  • North Somerset CCG Lay Chair (Chair)
  • Healthwatch - Senior representative (Vice Chair)
  • North Somerset CCG Chief Clinical Officer
  • North Somerset CCG Director of Nursing and Quality
  • North Somerset CCG Clinical lead for Primary Care
  • North Somerset CCG Clinical Lead Practice Manager
  • North Somerset CCG Practice Nurse lead
  • North Somerset CCG Lead for Primary Care (inc. Medicines Management)
  • North Somerset CCG Primary Care Development Manager
  • NHS England South Region, South West Director of Commissioning
  • NHS England South Region, South West Head of Primary Care or NHS England South Region, South West Assistant Director of Clinical Strategy
  • North Somerset Director of Public Health

Non-voting members

  • Health Watch representative
  • North Somerset Health and Wellbeing Board (People & Communities Board) representative
  • Avon Local Medical Committee representative
  • One Care Consortium representative
  • North Somerset Community Partnership representative
  • North Somerset CCG Governing Body Practice Manager
  • North Somerset Provider Forum Practice Manager Chair