Map of medicine

Map of Medicine provides over 400 patient pathways, based on the most up to date research and clinical evidence available.

Each pathway will describe the patient’s journey and include details of local services in the community, through hospitals and via voluntary organisations and charities, complete with all the referral forms and key policies attached.

GPs can access information on care pathways across a wide range of conditions to ensure they consistently give the same level of care to patients to all 22 GP practices across the patch.

The aim is to make it the one ‘go to place’ for all the information the GP requires.

It will also encourage joint decision-making between patient and doctor and empower 201 GPs to deliver the best possible care.

What is Map of Medicine?

Watch this short video with Dr John Heather from Newcourt Surgery:

Localised information

North Somerset CCG has localised more than 360 pathways, with more to follow.

They include local information for patients and carers.

The system will provide consistent care for patients, irrespective of which surgery they belong to.

Some examples:

  • Orthopaedic pathways with attached exercise sheets designed by local physiotherapy staff
  • Dementia local pathway with information about support groups for people with dementia and for people caring for someone with dementia.

Map of Medicine

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Map of medicine pathways list

This is a current list of all pathways currently available on the Map of Medicine which have been specifically localised for North Somerset. It is updated at the end of every month