Our achievements

The CCG works hard in North Somerset to advance healthcare, involve patients and provide the best services to improve the wellbeing of the community.

Here are a few highlights of the work we have been doing to make a difference over th epast year:

1. A new model of care for our community services

In October we announced, in partnership with NHS England and North Somerset Council, that North Somerset Community Partnership (NSCP) was appointed provider of community healthcare services to North Somerset.

The new contract - which covers all adult and some children’s community health services, and specialist services, such as Parkinson’s disease - will start April 2016 and run for five years.

We are very excited to be in a position to implement a new model of care that responds to the needs of people in North Somerset.

Contract annoucement

2. Your views on our children’s and young people’s health services

In September we launched a major consultation to find out what young people, their parents and professionals involved in their care, thought of the community health services in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire; and what they would like to see in the future.

At the centre of the consultation was an innovative website, one of the most original and user friendly approaches to be used in an NHS consultation.

It featured a range of animations, caricatures and different response mechanisms and was designed with the full involvement of children and young people.

The responses will help us shape the design of services from 2017 onwards.

Your Healthy Future

3. Our new app to help you find a local service

It is really important that people know exactly where to go for the right treatment, particularly over the busy winter months.

In 2015, we launched our smartphone app. The app uses GPS mapping to find locate the nearest pharmacy, GP practice, walk-in service or hospital, as well as providing information on NHS 111, self-care and social care.


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4. Tackling health care associated infections

In 2015 we further developed and strengthened our North Somerset Health Care Associated Infections (HCAI) group, which we established in 2014 to manage infection control across the North Somerset healthcare community.

The group brings together local hospitals, community health providers, public health, GP, Medicines Management and North Somerset Council, allowing a multi-disciplinary and multi organisational approach to managing infections across the community. 

5. Discharge to Assess

The Discharge to Assess (D2A) pilot scheme - designed to speed up hospital discharge times for older patients - has been declared such a success it will be rolled out across North Somerset in the New Year.

At present hospital ward-based discharge assessments can be time-intensive, taking considerable time to get home support in place.

The D2A team support patients to be discharged and have those assessments at home, on the same day, by community teams of social workers, nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

The D2A scheme has:

  • 20 patients receiving therapy in their own homes, who would otherwise be in hospital
  • a total of 38 North Somerset patients have been through the D2A scheme
  • saving a total of 376 days in hospital bed days by assessing patients at home.